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Power Connect Box
For Unimount Sensor Array, and Single Cable Kit

ULTIMETER TB Rain Gauge for Unimount
The rain gauge's funnel top feeds rain water into one of the half-buckets. When the correct amount of water is collected, it tips the other way, emptying the water and positioning the other half-bucket for collecting rainfall.

ULTIMETER PRO Rain Gauge for Unimount
The PRO Rain Gauge senses every one-thousandth inch of rain and reports each one-hundredth inch back to the ULTIMETER Weather Station.
Anemometer/Wind Vane, Standard, for Unimount
Standard wind sensor for ULTIMETER 2100, 2000, 800, 700, 500, 100, and II system (and Weatherbase weather stations). Supplied with 4-conductor cable.

Anemometer/Wind Vane, PRO, for Unimount
Standard wind sensor for Unimount Sensor Array from 2006 forward. Supplied with 4-conductor cable.
ULTIMETER PRO Rain Gauge w/Heater for Unimount
The snow-melt gauge version of the ULTIMETER PRO Rain Gauge, with integral heater.

Unimount Sensor Array for ULTIMETER 100
Complete Replacement Unimount Sensor Array for ULTIMETER 100.
Unimount Sensor Array for ULTIMETER 2100 and 800
Complete replacement sensor array for installing all sensors in one location. Includes anemometer/wind vane, passive solar radiation shielded humidity/temp sensor, and rain gauge. 50 ft. cable.

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