Unimount Sensor Array for ULTIMETER 2100 and 800
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Unimount Sensor Array for ULTIMETER 2100 and 800
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Unimount Sensor Array for ULTIMETER 2100 and 800
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The Unimount Sensor Array includes all weather sensors and provides an expedient way of installing at a single location. Includes a weather resistant Junction Box Housing, from which a single 50' cable carries the sensor data indoors to the ULTIMETER 2100, 2000, or 800 Weather Station, and an indoor Power Connection Box. Sensors included are an ULTIMETER Wind Sensor, a "PRO" Rain Gauge or Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, and an ULTIMETER Humidity/Temperature Sensor with Solar Radiation Shield. 

NOTE: This item (WSF-45000) is a complete replacement Unimount Sensor Array (including Anemometer/Wind Vane). 

The item number for a specially-priced Unimount Sensor Array Upgrade, when ordered with a new ULTIMETER 2100 or 800 Weather Station or PRO Upgrade Kit(and based upon applying the weather station's included Anemometer/Wind Vane to the Unimount Sensor Array), is UPG-45000Tripod and Mast sold separately (not included).

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Complete replacement sensor array for installing all sensors in one location. Includes anemometer/wind vane, passive solar radiation shielded humidity/temp sensor, and rain gauge. 50 ft. cable.

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