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The Best Sensor Technology...

The quality of the data you receive can only be as high as the quality of the sensors in your system.  That’s why Peet Bros. pays a premium to bring you absolutely the best sensors available.  Complete specifications are available here.


The Best Wind Sensor: ULTIMETER PRO Anemometer/Wind Vane

Our new ULTIMETER PRO Anemometer/Wind Vane (click to see sensor)

 features exceptional response in all wind conditions, including very low wind speeds.  Unlike conventional wind sensors, our patented digital design has no potentiometer or other friction contacts to wear out.  It features bearings that are virtually corrosion proof, with self-lubricating Delrin® races and surgical steel balls.  The precision-molded housing of UV-resistant Lexan® will resist the harshest elements for many years.


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 The ULTIMETER PRO Anemometer  provides accurate wind gust readings.  It’s relatively easy to measure the speed of a steady wind, much harder to capture high wind gusts accurately.  Other systems may report errors as large as 30%, because their less capable processors only measure short-term average wind speed, missing peak gusts.  But our weather stations, like the most expensive commercial systems, calculate wind speed without averaging, thus capturing high wind gusts with pinpoint accuracy.


The Best Temperature Sensors

The ULTIMETER Temperature Sensors (click to see sensor) are interchangeable, aged, precision thermisters.  While other manufacturers encourage users to recalibrate temperature readings because their sensors aren’t interchangeable or completely stable, our systems don’t require adjusting—yet maintain an accuracy of 0.5° F—two to four times better than others!


The Best Rain Sensors


Peet Bros. offers a choice of superior rain gauges—from our self-emptying ULTIMETER "PRO" with no moving parts and an optional heater, to our proven ULTIMETER "TB" .01" tipping bucket rain gauge with 8" diameter funnel (National Weather Service standard diameter.  The larger the funnel, the better the statistical rainfall sampling).


The Best Barometric Pressure Sensor

(ULTIMETER 2100 only, included)

Unlike other systems that only indicate a 1 hr. "trend arrow," our precision laser-calibrated sensor is so stable and accurate that we can display the numeric value of pressure change over a full 3-hour period per National Weather Service standards.  And unlike most other weather stations in its price range, which contain cheaper, "low-end" pressure sensors, the ULTIMETER 2100's pressure transducer is a prime-grade Honeywell/Sen-Sym SDX-15A2-A:  one of the highest-performing, best-quality pressure transducers in its class - check the specs.  In most cases, you would spend more on a barometric pressure (only) instrument of comparable performance than on the ULTIMETER 2100 Weather Station.


The Best Humidity Sensor

(optional on ULTIMETER 2100 and 800)

Our optional ULTIMETER Humidity Sensor is designed around a precision, humidity-sensitive, polymer capacitor that has a wider sensing range than the resistive sensor that others use, so you get accurate readings, even at the all-important extremes—from 0 to 100% R.H.  It offers excellent long-term stability, and may be easily recalibrated for years of dependable humidity and dew point performance. 

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