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Ten Best Reasons  >  # 5. APRS Ready

All ULTIMETER Weather Stations are APRS-Ready, for Amateur Radio applications.

APRS ("Automatic Packet Reporting System", please refer to website of WB4APR, Bob Bruninga for more info on APRS) is an amateur radio technology by which compact packets of data, such as position data or weather data, is transmitted from a weather station for the benefit of emergency management, or to provide data to a weather network, such as the Citizen's Weather Observer Program (see CWOP website).

Since the inception of APRS, Peet Bros. Company's ULTIMETER Weather Stations have been the industry leader in APRS weather station applications, and the choice of Ham Radio operators the world over.

ULTIMETER Weather Stations all include serial data input/output ports which may be connected, by a single cable, directly to a TNC (terminal node controller) from transmission of data packets via Ham radio.

Some Ham radios, such as the Kenwood TM-D710A, allow the ULTIMETER Weather Stations to be connected directly to the radio, and are very easily configured for APRS Weather Station application.


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