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If you have an ULTIMETER Weather Station and access to the Internet, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) needs your observations.

Your data will be used in NOAA weather prediction models and appear on their new web page: http://www-frd.fsl.noaa.gov/mesonet/

Making your data available is simple and free. To obtain your personal Citizen Weather (CW) number and to download free Internet software visit the web site of volunteers at the National Hurricane Center. 
CALLSIGN: WX4NHC  email: wx4nhc@wx4nhc.org

Radio amateurs with an active APRS weather station do not need to obtain Citizen Weather numbers. To participate send Russ Chadwick, KB0TVJ, your call sign, elevation in meters and nearby town.
Russell.B.Chadwick@noaa.gov (NOAA Work)
russ@cwop.net (CWOP Issues)

Approximately two weeks after completing registration your data will be processed by the findu.com server and appear on the NOAA surface observation map. If you have questions please contact: w4ehw@fiu.edu


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