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Complete working copy of cwtsr.com, a terminate-and-stay-ready DOS program that maintains a single record text file of current weather conditions, that make "ready to use" weather data available to other programs.  It receives weather data flowing from the serial output of an ULTIMETER Weather Station and looks for the high wind gust over a 5-minute period.  At the end of each 5-minute period it overwrites a single record file plain text file containing the 5-minute high gust reading, the associated wind direction and the current reading from other sensors.

Complete working copy of testport.exe, a handy DOS utility to view the raw serial data from any ULTIMETER weather station. Testport continuously displays the raw data coming into a selected serial port from the serial data output of an ULTIMETER Weather Station. It works with the ULTIMETER II or with the ULTIMETER 2100, 2000, 800, or 500 in any of their output modes. TESTPORT is particularly helpful as a diagnostic tool to verify that serial data is being received correctly, and without interference from IRQ conflicts or such.

Complete working copy of SDECODE.exe, a valuable ultility that continuously decodes and displays up to 10 selected fields from the serial data output of an ULTIMETER Weather Station.  It works with the ULTIMETER II and with the ULTIMETER 2100, 2000, 800, 500 and 100 in Data Logger, Complete Record, or Packet output modes. The output fields normally appear on screen but if you wish, they can be piped to a file.

Complete working copy of daily.exe, a versatile DOS data logger program. Each time this program is run, it adds onto a spreadsheet compatible log file, yesterday's highest and lowest values and the current values of all weather variables. Then it closes itself automatically. All you need to keep a log while you're away is this program, a line in your autoexec.bat file and a timer to turn your computer on for a couple of minutes each day.

Each time you run DAILY, it gathers one "complete record" from the serial data output of an ULTIMETER Weather Station and appends a spreadsheet file with yesterday's final highs and lows, today's interim highs and lows plus current values and the time, date.  DAILY is perfect for maintaining a weather log while you're away on a business trip or vacation.  Simply add a line to your autoexec batch file to run DAILY automatically on startup, then set a mechanical timer to turn your computer on for a minute or two each day.  When you get back home, you'll have a compact spreadsheet with all the key weather data you need.

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