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Ten Best Reasons  >  # 6. Price and Value

ULTIMETER Weather Stations offer performance, reliability, and features comparable to weather stations costing $hundreds more.

Plus, you're not required to buy sensors that your application may not require (for example, in shipboard marine weather stations, rain gauges and humidity sensors are rarely employed).  Rain Gauges and Humidity Sensors may be purchased, or NOT purchased, for your ULTIMETER Weather Station.  The choice is yours, to configure a weather station that meets your application's specific functional requirements - as well as your budget.

All ULTIMETER Weather Stations (including our value-leader model ULTIMETER 100, at $229) include a serial data input/output port, for weather data logging and weather data transmission.  On some other companies' systems, this is an extra-cost accessory which, in some cases, costs nearly as much as our complete ULTIMETER 100 weather station - which includes the same high-performance wind and temperature functions as our top-of-the-line ULTIMETER 2100!  Why settle for a lower-performing "one size fits all" import model when you can own a demonstrably better weather station for less?

You can own a superior weather station AND save $hundreds by choosing an ULTIMETER Weather Station - "The Best in Affordable Weather Technology."

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