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Junction Box Cable, 8C
Standard Junction Box Cable for ULTIMETER 2000, and pre-2006 ULTIMETER 800, 700, 500, 100, 50, as well as Weatherbase V, 10, and 20.
Junction Box Cable, 10C, 8 ft.
Standard Junction Box Cable for ULTIMETER 2100, and ULTIMETER 800 and 100 from 2006 forward.

AC Adapter, 12v for Weather Station
AC Adapter for ULTIMETER Weather Stations
Indoor Temperature Sensor
For ULTIMETER 100 (and WEATHERBASE V and 10) only.

Power Connect Box
For Unimount Sensor Array, and Single Cable Kit
Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Standard Outdoor Temperature Sensor with 25 ft. cable, included with all ULTIMETER Weather Stations (longer cable lengths optional)

Junction Box Assy
For earlier model ULTIMETER 100, 800, AND 2000 (prior to 2007)
Junction Box Assy for U2100
For All Ultimeter 2100 systems.

Anemometer/Wind Vane, Standard
Standard wind sensor for ULTIMETER 2100, 2000, 800, 700, 500, 100, and II system (and Weatherbase weather stations)manufactured in 2005 or earlier. Supplied with 4-conductor cable.
Anemometer/Wind Vane, PRO
Included with all models ULTIMETER weather stations manufactured in 2006 or later. Supplied with 4-conductor cable.

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