Outdoor Temperature Sensor
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Outdoor Temperature Sensor
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Outdoor Temperature Sensor
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Standard Outdoor Temperature Sensor, included with all ULTIMETER Weather Stations.  A precision aged metal-oxide thermistor is used to measure temperature.  As the temperature increases, its electrical resistance decreases, changing a signal voltage that is first converted to digital form, then sent to the microprocessor.



  • Each sensor is precision calibrated for complete interchangeability.
  • Each sensor is specially aged to assure long term stability.
  • The microprocessor is programmed to make minute corrections over the specified temperature range, further enhancing the resultant accuracy.
  • No user calibration is required or provided for, because of the precision interchangeability of the sensor elements, even in the event of sensor replacement.       

Includes 25 ft. 4-conductor cable (longer cable lengths optional). 

"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."

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Standard Outdoor Temperature Sensor with 25 ft. cable, included with all ULTIMETER Weather Stations (longer cable lengths optional)

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