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Ten Best Reasons
 for choosing an ULTIMETER Weather Station!
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# 1.  The Finest Sensor Technology
The quality of the data can only be as high as the quality of the sensors in your system.

# 2.  Continuous Data from Cabled Sensors
Nothing beats the Performance and Reliability of Cabled Sensors

# 3.  The ULTIMETER PRO Anemometer/Wind Vane
Exceptional wind gust response, and very low operating threshold.

# 4.  WeatherText Serial Data Output
Included on all ULTIMETER Weather Station at no additional charge.

# 5.  APRS Ready
All ULTIMETER Weather Stations are APRS-Ready, for Amateur Radio applications.

# 6.  Price and Value
ULTIMETER Weather Stations offer performance, reliability, and features comparable to weather stations costing $hundreds more.

# 7.  The Weather Picture
A stunning wall-mounted display, featuring bright red LEDs for high visibility, available for all ULTIMETER Weather Stations.

# 8.  Long-Term Support Commitment
ULTIMETER Weather Stations are repairable/replaceable at the component level. We offer upgrades, to incorporate new features in your "old reliable" ULTIMETER.

# 9.  Live telephone Customer Service/Tech Support
We understand the difference PEOPLE can make in your long-term satisfaction with our products. Domestic-based Tech Support.

#10.  Made in USA
ULTIMETER Weather Stations are made in USA of the finest components from around the globe.
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