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Ten Best Reasons  >  # 8. Long-Term Support Commitment

With Peet Bros., you can configure an ULTIMETER Weather Stations to meet your present needs (and budget!) without locking yourself in.  Our expansion and upgrade options let you UPDATE your weather station economically, whenever you wish.  In an age of "planned obsolescence" for so many consumer electronics products, we maintain a different philosophy:  to enable our customers, whenever it's technically possible, to update their existing weather stations to include our latest features.  It's the best way of enhancing the value of your investment in our weather technology, in the years to come.

Additionally, ULTIMETER Weather Stations are repairable/replaceable at the component level.  We are the manufacturer of our weather stations and sensors, so we have the capability of repairing (at very nominal charges) sensors and keyboard/displays.  And if you ever need a replacement part (and that's ALL you need!), you may order it from us.  You don't have to buy a whole new sensor, just to get the part you need, as is the case with others in our industry. 

One of our proudest accomplishments is that we have customers running ULTIMETER Weather Stations that have been in operation for over a decade!  We're committed to keeping them up, and monitoring weather data, for many years to come - and we'd like to do the same for you!

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