ULTIMETER 100 Weather Station
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ULTIMETER 100 Weather Station
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ULTIMETER 100 Weather Station
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Perhaps you just need a basic weather station – wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature and possibly rainfall.  Even so, you have every right to expect that your system will be just as reliable and accurate as the most elaborate top-of-the-line system.  Rest assured that our ULTIMETER 100 uses the same top-quality sensors, including the incomparable ULTIMETER PRO Anemometer, featuring exceptional response in all wind conditions, including very low wind speeds (typical starting threshold 1.5 mph! here's why).  It also uses the same great data processing as our renowned 2100 system, including WeatherText® serial data output, and is APRS-ready.  A second Serial Data Port connection (new feature) is provided in the ULTIMETER 100's sensor junction box, delivering greater flexibility in the location and connection of The Weather Picture (an optional wall-mounted display), PC Weather Data Logger, or other peripheral weather accessory. And it offers the unsurpassed performance and reliability of cabled sensors - the professional's choice (see Why are cabled sensors better?).  It is unsurpassed as a basic electronic weather station for the professional or serious amateur weather observer.


 ULTIMETER 100 Wiring Diagram

 ULTIMETER Features Comparison

 ULTIMETER Technical Specifications

 Optional Sensors for ULTIMETER 100

 ULTIMETER 100 Owner's Manual

Measures WIND SPEED, WIND DIRECTION (click to see sensor), OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE (click to see sensor), WIND CHILL, TIME, DATE, INDOOR TEMPERATURE (with optional sensor ) , and RAINFALL (with optional sensor ).


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  • To learn about all available optional sensors, please click Optional Sensors.
  • For optional extension cables and mounting solutions, please click Accessories.

Includes ULTIMETER 100 Keyboard/Display Unit, ULTIMETER PRO Anemometer/Wind Vane (w/40' cable), Outdoor Temperature Sensor (w/25' cable), Junction Box (w/8' cable), AC Adapter (w/6' cord), Desk Stand and Wall Mounting Bracket for keyboard/display, and Owner's Manual.

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A great basic weather station with remarkable capabilities, at a remarkably low price.

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