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Shown above: The Weather Picture, large, in brushed aluminum,
fully expanded with 6 optional numeric displays.

Here is the big, easy-to-read add-on wall display you've wanted. The Weather Picture is offered in two completely configurable models to meet every display requirement and room or office decor. It is great, not just in homes, but also in schools, hotels, stores, corporate lobbies, professional offices, municiple offices, emergency management offices and vehicles, marinas, ski lodges, etc. - any place where you'd like people to have up-to-the-second local weather data.

  • BIG 0.8" RED L.E.D. NUMERALS - easily read from across the room.
  • COMPATIBLE - Add to any existing ULTIMETER Weather Station. Display the Weather Picture on the wall and details on your desk.
  • CONFIGURABLE - each identical numeric display is microprocessor controlled, so it can be set and labeled to display the data item and measurement units you desire.
  • SIZES:  11.25" high x 15.25" wide brushed aluminum and 14.25 high x 18.25 wide, solid oak.
    • Stylish brushed aluminum frame
    • Elegant Oak frame
    • Accepts data from the serial output of an ULTIMETER 2100, 2000, 800, or 100 Weather Station in either the data logger mode or complete record mode.
  • COMPLETE: Includes powerful 12 volt ac adapter and a 15 ft. split-end connecting cable for power and data.

"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."


Did you ever wish you could make a simple phone call and hear current, accurate weather conditions direct from a remote site, such as:

your home, when you're away;

your vacation cabin;

your favorite surfing beach;

the marina where you moor your boat or intend to put in;

the hilltop where your club goes hang gliding?

Now it's easily done! If you have a phone and an ULTIMETER Weather Station at the remote site, all you need to do is add a new telephone voice response device, called WeatherVox.

This self-contained marvel, which measures just 200 mm x 112 mm x 30 mm, connects to the serial port of an ULTIMETER weather station and to a phone line. It answers the phone and delivers an up to the second report on local weather conditions in one of three selectable levels of detail. WeatherVox is powered by an included 9 volt ac adapter and has a built-in backup battery.

WeatherVox can also be used with radio repeater stations. For this application it includes a PTT status line, an audio output line and an audio input line to accept DTMF commands.

WeatherVox is a product of the Australian firm, Sphere Communications. It is being marketed in the United States and Canada exclusively by Peet Bros. Company.


"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."


Now for the first time you can provide others with accurate 24-hour local weather data without disturbing your household. The Weather Modem has an exclusive selective-answer capability (patent pending), that uses Caller-ID data on your phone line. The Modem can recognize up to three preset calling numbers, silently deliver weather data digitally and then hang up - while passing all other calls through to you as usual. If you have Caller-ID service, you can volunteer weather data to the local TV station, National Weather Service office or area Emergency Management Headquarters, set the Modem to recognize their calls, then rest easy. (The Weather Modem will also operate on Non-Caller-ID lines.)

The Weather Modem includes all necessary cables, 115volt ac to 9 volt ac adapter and instructions. Requires "Weather Outlook" Software (sold separately). Approx. size: 4.88"W x 1.5"H x 5.0"D.

* The Weather Modem has been approved for use in the United States and Canada. Please contact our Customer Service Department regarding use in other countries.


The ULTIMETER Wireless Weather Display (WWD) kit will enable you place The Weather Picture or an ULTIMETER keyboard virtually anyplace in your home or office, with no connecting cables - within the transmitter range of 75 to 100 ft. from your new or existing ULTIMETER 100, 500, 800 or 2000 Weather Station Keyboard. Merely install the system with its keyboard in any convenient indoor location, and plug the WWD Transmitter into it. Now you can enjoy a keyboard or wall display of weather in any room and even move them from time to time, without having to re-run cables back to the system keyboard. The WWD Kit includes the following components:

  • WD TRANSMITTER - A small radio transmitter that plugs into the serial port on the side of an ULTIMETER Weather Station keyboard to send real-time weather data up to 100 feet to any number of WWD Keyboards and WWD Weather Pictures. The WWD Transmitter is powered directly from the ULTIMETER system keyboard. Size 4"L x 1.75"W x 7/8"H.
  • WD RECEIVER - Looks exactly like an ULTIMETER 2000 keyboard/display unit but has a built-in receiver to receive the WWD Transmitter signals. Displays all data available on the original keyboard, including current values, highs and lows from today, yesterday and since last reset. All alarms can be set independently on the WWD keyboard. Includes serial data output (complete-record mode) for connection to a PC or THE WEATHER PICTURE. The WWD Keyboard is normally powered from an included power adapter but can be operated as a completely portable instrument, powered by a self-contained 9-volt backup battery for limited periods. Size 4.88"L x 2.88"H x 7/8"D.
"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."


Our Single Cable Kit makes it easy to bring all outdoor sensor signal indoors on just one small, reliable 8-conductor cable. Kit includes a weather resistant Junction Box Housing and an indoor Power Connection Box. NOTE: Requires an 8-conductor cable to interconnect the Junction Box and the Power Connection (standard or custom lengths available, purchased separately). Does not include sensors.


The Duplex Cable is required with the ULTIMETER 2000, 800, or 100 to enable the connection of more than one accessory to the serial port of the keyboard/display unit. For example, The Weather Picture plus a computer or some other external device. It is a 6-conductor flat modular cable, 8 feet long. One end has a 6 pin male modular connector that plugs into the serial port on the right side of an ULTIMETER keyboard; the other end terminates in a dual 6 conductor female modular receptacle.


"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."


Our Universal Extension Cables are 6-conductor flat modular cables. Each has a 6-pin male modular plug on one end and a 6-pin female modular receptacle on the other. This cable may be used to extend the original cable from: The Weather Picture, wind sensor, outdoor temperature sensor, wired rain gauge, outdoor humidity sensor, indoor humidity sensor, and the computer interface cable.
NOTE: Connections must be weatherproofed for outdoor use. Recommended for indoor use only - contact us about custom sensor cable lengths if outdoor extension in required.


Our Junction Box Cables are 8 conductor unshielded telephone cables. They are available in lengths of 18 inches, 8 ft., 25 ft., 50 ft., 100 ft., and 200 ft. Each has an 8 pin male modular connector on both ends. They are wired pin 1 to pin 1.


"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."


Even if your ULTIMETER System is installed near a high power radio transmitter, there's a good chance you will not experience interference,  because our unique wind sensor resists interference pick-up. In the unlikely event you do experience interference, we offer three types of filters: 4 wire, 6 wire and 8 wire. Each looks like a small telephone outlet box, with a female receptacle on one side and a short cable with a male modular plug on the other side.

Each filter provides 30 db of interference rejection on all conductors. If you believe you are experiencing radio frequency interference, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.


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