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"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."

The Pick of Our Mailbag

Our sincere thanks to those below, as well as the many others, who have so thoughtfully written to tell us of their experiences with Peet Bros. products and staff.


I just wanted to thank you for a very fine product.  I currently live in a remote mountain cabin at 10,200 feet near the continental divide. I've installed my own hydro electric system in the cabin, and currently live off of grid. By trade, I am a software engineer.  So naturally, I had to put together my own software for monitoring all kinds of things up here
related to the cabin.  My first task was to write a program to monitor the battery bank and inverter setup. 

I finally completed the program. My next project was a life long dream of setting up a sophisticated weather station.  As a young child, I actually built my own weather station
utilizing read switches, LEDs and a motor.  So I had a fair bit of knowledge going into this endeavor.  After a whole bunch of research, I decided on the Peet Brothers weather station (ULTIMETER 2100, with heated sensors and unimount).  When it arrived, my only neighbor (the population of the town up here is 2 during the winter) excitedly helped  me set up the station.  It went together easy, and performed flawlessly out of the box.

The next part of the project was to begin to write the software.  After accessing your website, I was able to rapidly build my own serial cable to communicate with the device.  I was pleasantly surprised to find ample documentation on the protocols, and I was able to write a basic weather monitoring program completely in Java.  It now publishes my data to the web.

So far, your station has performed flawlessly.
Jim Olsen

"Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that the Peet Brothers weather equipment did a great job in Hurricane Fabian. I recorded a high wind of 123 mph at 4:01 on Friday September 5 and of course the alarms were going crazy because the Barometric Pressure
dropped quite a bit, from 29.5 to 28.14 within hours and then started to rise which gave us a sense that the weather was getting better which it did. The storm didn't carry much rain with it (thankfully, as an 8ft by 10ft section of my roof was blown off), we recorded .24 inches and it stayed like that for quite a while and only finished at .44 inches. I have recorded at least 2 inches in less than an hour in one of our tropical storms. Had to monitor it on Battery for a while as we were without electricity for over a week, just got it back on yesterday Sept 16, so 11 days.

As I write this, roof is fixed, Gazebo torn down, and 22 bags of debris, leaves etc removed from the property. I now have to have pool cleaned..........Just thought you might be interested."
Stephen D

The Naperville Emergency Management Agency in Naperville, IL made plans to install two ULTIMETER 2000 Systems, one in their Emergency Headquarters building and one at Police Headquarters. Sgt. Rob Foshay, a volunteer with the Naperville Emergency Management Agency, wrote an extensive article about the Peet Bros. Weather Stations in the Naperville Emergency Management Agency Times newsletter. The following excerpts may answer some questions about the unique features of some of the weather sensors used by the ULTIMETER Weather Stations and how they compare to competitor's products.

"Most low-cost anemometers use a number of microswitches mounted so that one of them is closed to indicate wind direction. This is inherently inaccurate. By contrast, the Peet Bros. indicator is designed to generate two digital pulse streams, one for direction and one for wind speed. The phase angle between the pulse streams reflects the wind direction. This is done by a very simple mechanism using high-quality magnetic reed switches, two magnets and one piece of mu-metal for magnetic shielding. The result is that the [ computer] indicator shows wind direction to within 2 degrees, and wind speed indicator is capable of accurately measuring peak (gust) values rather than the average value produced by most low-priced anemometers. The pivot is a high-quality, ball bearing race which should never need maintenance. However, if dirt or insects get into the housing, it comes apart easily without tools for cleaning.

The ULTIMETER Pro Rain Gauge is deceptively simple in appearance. It has no moving parts. Rain is gathered by a parabolic collector and passed through two precisely engineered filter screens, into a precision drop formation nozzle of the sort used in IV drips in hospitals. The nozzle is designed so each drop is exactly the same size, and represents 1/1000th of an inch of rain. The drop falls through a tube with four gold-plated pins. When it makes contact with the pins, this causes a change in impedance in a detecting circuit. The pulse is then electronically filtered and converted to a digital signal to the keyboard unit. Only the highest-quality parts and materials are used throughout. Because the unit has no moving parts, it is inherently more reliable that the bucket-style gauges. However, it will occasionally have to be disassembled and cleaned with a zero-residue cleaner such as alcohol. All the maintenance points are easily removed, with no tools. There is provision for a heating element to melt snow if the gauge is being used for soil moisture calculation. Quite a bit of thought clearly went into the design. A special thanks from us all to Mr. Bill Peet of Peet Bros. Company for his support. We all were impressed by his commitment to his product and to customer service."

Rich Fuller, Mt Carroll, IL
"I would like to say, thanks, to you and your staff at Peet Bros. (especially Mr. Stewart) for all the assistance that you have given me with both tech and hardware support. It's great to know that there are knowledgeable people at that end of the line who are willing to take the time to help folks like me resolve any and all problems which might occur. And it's also refreshing to do business with a company such as yours who stands behind its products!"

Tom and Karen Albers Hall, Balto, MD
"Once again, thanks for the great service! I got my humidity sensor & all is great once again. I have to say..Peet Bros. is the best company I've ever dealt with, period. Great Customer Service."
Dave Campbell from Ontario, Canada sent us an e-mail in which he stated,"Just wanted to say thanks for a package that has it all. Quality, Style, Easy to install and use. The ULTIMETER 2000 I purchased at Dayton Hamfest is my first Peet Bros. product and by far not the last."

G. Thomas Sorbera e-mailed us with comments about his recently purchased ULTIMETER 2000 and the Weather Picture
" On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the system a 9.999."

Bernie Fine, Whitehorse, Ohio
"Nice job on the Weather Picture. It has a very prominent place in my ham shack. It is a great addition and probably the most eye-catching of all the equipment."

Rick Bergeron of Hayden Lake, Idaho writes
" Thank you for fabricating the special adaptors to allow my rain gauge to function using 4 conductor extension cable. The service received from Peet Brothers has been exceptional....as it has always been in the past. That is one of the main reasons that I have made purchases from Peet Brothers...and have recommended your products to friends and co-workers. "

Tom Blackmon, Alabama
" I wish to thank you for the prompt response to my e-mail of 28 Oct. '97. This is just one more reason I have enjoyed doing business with Peet Bros. over the past several years. "

Michael A. Usas, an amateur radio operator from Bainbridge, OH reports,
" I am just writing to you to let you know how happy I am with the ULTIMETER 500 I bought from your company in April of 1996. It stood up to the severe winter and blazing heat of the Ohio seasons with no problems at all In my opinion, I believe it to be a fine and precision instrument at a great value. I'm an Amateur Radio Operator and involved with several different weather tracker and SKYWARN programs in the central and Southern Ohio regions and the ULTIMETER 500 has been a great friend to me mainly because of the fact that I can see the changes from the comfort of my "Ham Shack" and report them as needed. I'd like to thank you for making such a quality product."

Tony Amato of Chester, VA complemented us on our great software,
"All I can say is the software is fantastic! It is a dream! You did a super job in the layout and the attention to details is outstanding."

Jim Conley II writes,
" I called right before Christmas to have an ULTIMETER 2000 upgrade unit sent to me Feb. 15, and when the 15th rolled around I knew that it would probably take about 3 or 4 days to get my unit, but to my surprise I found the unit sitting at my doorstep the very next day!! You certainly have very prompt service and I really like that! I really like what the ULTIMETER 2000 offers! You get more for less. I really like the Flash Flood Alert and Storm Alert modes. The Storm Alert mode warned me of a severe thunderstorm that was going to hit my town and sure enough we had a big one, wind gust of 63 mph and very heavy rain. It is very accurate! I have also found that the temperature, pressure, wind rain gauge readings are also very accurate."

Jon Nordstrom says,
"I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for the top of the line service you have given me."

Jim W. Waterfield very thoughtfully sent us this unsolicited note with his order for Model 2000 upgrade kit.
"At 9:57 P.M., a strong thunderstorm came through. It produced a "gustnado" twister which went between my house and garage and snapped off a birch tree and scattered my crab pots for 1/4 of a mile. Guess what, the ULTIMETER II recorded a high of 156 mph. It is stored and easily recalled for all to see. Prior to this the highest gust was 108 mph during hurricane Emily. It is really a good unit. I am more than satisfied. I live on North Carolina's outer banks. It gets the winds directly from the ocean and sounds. We get nasty "noreasters". So far the unit has functioned perfectly through thick and thin. .... Your customers will never regret purchasing an ULTIMETER!"

Thanks again to all who have taken the time to share their experiences. We appreciate your kind words.

"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."

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