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"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."


From its inception, Peet Bros Co. was the leading supplier of precision pocket barometers and altimeter/barometers for recreational and professional use. The company, which holds patents on both mechanical and electronic altimeter/barometers, introduced the world's first all-electronic precision pocket altimeter/barometer in 1985.

After years of research and development, Peet Bros. introduced the first electronic weather station under its registered trademark, "ULTIMETER", the Model 20. This system was a major breakthrough toward affordable home weather stations. Its popularity gave rise to calls for higher performance and long term reliability, particularly in the wind sensor and control unit. This led Peet Bros. to design the next generation weather station, the ULTIMETER II.

Initially, customers were attracted by its moderate price and innovative features. Soon, however, the ULTIMETER II began earning praise for its performance and reliability. Professional and institutional customers, pleased with the ULTIMETER II concept, urged Peet Bros. to apply the same design philosophy to a top-of-the-line system with full capabilities, including instrumentation for humidity and barometric pressure. Many generously shared their ideas and "wish lists" for such a system.

The result was the introduction in late 1995 of the superb ULTIMETER 2000 and ULTIMETER 500. These were followed in the late '90s by the evolution of the ULTIMETER 700 and ULTIMETER 800, and the introduction of their more basic companion, the ULTIMETER 100. All retained the accuracy, reliability, ease of installation and ease of operation that had made their predecessors so successful. But continuous improvements in design and manufacturing quality have added a host of new capabilities, refinements, and near "bullet proof" reliability. Today, Peet Bros. Company's ULTIMETER weather instruments are the industry value leader in serious amateur and professional applications for the 21st Century.

The company's "firsts" include:

  • All-electronic precision pocket altimeter/barometer
  • Patented ultra-reliable all-digital wind sensor
    Semi-automatic wind vane calibration with keyboard adjustment
    "No tools" wind sensor mounting
    Adjustable flash flood alert for high rainfall rates
    Inexpensive heated wind sensor
    High rain-rate, self-emptying gauge with no moving parts.
  • Integral Serial Data Output Port for connection to PC or radio transmitter

"Keep a weather eye on Peet Bros."
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