Using the FTP Add-On

When the FTP Add-On is installed on your machine and the Weather Outlook Data Logger software is executed, the FTP Add-On will automatically be run as well.  It will appear in your task bar's system tray as a little telephone icon.  You may right click this icon for more options while the add-on is running.  You may also double dlick this icon to open up it's window.

When Weather Outlook is terminated the FTP Add-On and any other running add-ons will be terminated as well.

If after running Weather Outlook the telephone icon does not appear in your system tray please verify that it has been setup to be used in Weather Outlook by going to the Weather Outlook Data Logger configuration dialog and choosing the Add-On tab.  Make sure that the FTP Add-On is included as one of the add-ons being used by Weather Outlook Data Logger and that the check box is checked next to it.

The Weather Outlook configuration dialog Add-Ons tab.  This is where you choose which add-ons you want Weather Outlook to execute when it is started.

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