Communications Tab

All communications changes are made from this tab including the interval at which your weather data will be uploaded.

RAS Dialup

Using an Analog Modem

If you are using a internal or external modem to connect to your FTP server view this section, otherwise skip to other connection types below.

Any currently active Dialup networking selections will be displayed n the Dial-Up Networking list box.  Choose which connection you want to use as your default dial-up account.

Be sure to check the Dial-up check box after you have made a selection for the Dial-up Networking connection.


Other Connection Types


When using any of the above type connection to the FTP server, be sure to check this box.

Local Drive Only

If you want to only publish the weather data to a local hard drive or even a network hard drive, be sure to check this box.  The HTML files and graphics will not be uploaded to an FTP server.


Upload Interval - Here you can choose how often or when you would like a single upload to take place.  By pressing the 'Upload Now' button your HTML and graphics files will be uploaded immediately.


Host Server Information

Host - Enter your FTP host server name here.  For instance,

Username - The username you use to log onto your FTP server.

Password - The password you use to log onto your FTP server.

Account - Your FTP server account.  Most users will leave this blank.

Dest. Directory - Where your uploaded weather data will be stored. This must be created on your FTP server. If it is not then your weather data will not be uploaded. Also be SURE to include the last "/" at the end of your directories or the software will not upload to the correct place. For example:


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