Weather Variables used by the Weather Outlook FTP Add-On

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Current Values
VAR(OutTemp)                          Outside Temperature
VAR(WindSpeed)                       Wind Speed
VAR(WindDir)                            Wind Direction
VAR(WindChill)                          Wind Chill
VAR(Barometer)                         Barometer
VAR(DRain)                               Daily Rainfall
VAR(OutHum)                           Outside Humidity
VAR(CurrentTime)                     Current Time
VAR(CurrentDate)                      Current Date
VAR(CurrentConditions)              Current Conditions as stated on Misc. tab.
VAR(UploadInterval)                   The uploading interval selected by the user.

Today's Values
VAR(TLowTempValue)                Low Temperature Value
VAR(TLowBarValue)                   Low Barometric Pressure Value             
VAR(TLowHumValue)                 Low Humidity Value
VAR(THighTempValue)               High Temperature Value
VAR(THighWindValue)               High Wind Speed Value
VAR(THighWindDirValue)           High Wind Direction
VAR(THighBarValue)                  High Barometric Pressure Value
VAR(THighHumValue)                High Humidity Value
VAR(TWindChillValue)                Wind Chill Value
VAR(TLowTempTime)                 Low Temperature Time
VAR(TLowBarTime)                    Low Barometric Pressure Time
VAR(TLowHumTime)                  Low Humidity Time
VAR(THighTempTime)                High Temperature Time
VAR(THighWindTime)                 High Wind Speed Time
VAR(THighWindDirTime)          High Wind Direction Time - Same as Speed Time
VAR(TWindChillTime)                 Wind Chill Time
VAR(THighBarTime)                   High Barometric Pressure Time
VAR(THighHumTime)                 High Humidity Time

Yesterday's values
VAR(YLowTempValue)               Low Temperature Value
VAR(YLowBarValue)                  Low Barometric Pressure Value             
VAR(YLowHumValue)                Low Humidity Value
VAR(YHighTempValue)              High Temperature Value
VAR(YHighWindValue)               High Wind Speed Value
VAR(YHighWindDirValue)           High Wind Direction
VAR(YHighBarValue)                 High Barometric Pressure Value
VAR(YHighHumValue)                High Humidity Value
VAR(YWindChillValue)               Wind Chill Value
VAR(YLowTempTime)                Low Temperature Time
VAR(YLowBarTime)                   Low Barometric Pressure Time
VAR(YLowHumTime)                  Low Humidity Time
VAR(YHighTempTime)                High Temperature Time
VAR(YHighWindTime)                High Wind Speed Time
VAR(YHighWindDirTime)          High Wind Direction Time - Same as Speed Time
VAR(YWindChillTime)                Wind Chill Time
VAR(YHighBarTime)                   High Barometric Pressure Time
VAR(YHighHumTime)                 High Humidity Time
VAR(YRainTotal)                        Rain Total

Long Term Values

VAR(LTLowTempValue)             Low Temperature Value
VAR(LTHighTempValue)            High Temperature Value
VAR(LTHighWindValue)             High Wind Speed Value
VAR(LTLowTempTime)              Low Temperature Time
VAR(LTHighTempTime)             High Temperature Time
VAR(LTHighWindTime)              High Wind Speed Time
VAR(LTLowTempDate)               Low Temperature Date
VAR(LTHighTempDate)              High Temperature Date
VAR(LTHighWindDate)               High Wind Speed Date
VAR(LTWindChillValue)              Wind Chill Value
VAR(LTWindChillTime)               Wind Chill Time
VAR(LTWindChillDate)                Wind Chill Date
VAR(LTLowBarValue)                  Low Barometric Pressure Value
VAR(LTLowBarTime)                   Low Barometric Pressure Time
VAR(LTLowBarDate)                   Low Barometric Pressure Date
VAR(LTLowHumValue)                Low Humidity Value
VAR(LTLowHumTime)                 Low Humidity Time
VAR(LTLowHumDate)                  Low Humidity Date
VAR(LTHighBarValue)                 High Barometric Pressure Value
VAR(LTHighBarTime)                  High Barometric Pressure Time
VAR(LTHighBarDate)                  High Barometric Presssure Date
VAR(LTHighHumValue)               High Humidity Value
VAR(LTHighHumTime)                High Humidity Time
VAR(LTHighHumDate)                High Humidity Date
VAR(LTHighWindDirValue)           High Wind Direction Value
VAR(LTHighWindDirDate)            High Wind Direction Date
VAR(LTRainTotal)                       Rain Total Value
VAR(LTRainTotalDate)                 Rain Total Date

Misc. Values

VAR(UploadInterval)                    Upload Interval
VAR(SpecialWeather1)                 Special Weather 1
VAR(SpecialWeather2)                 Special Weather 2
VAR(SpecialWeather3)                 Special Weather 3
VAR(DewPoint)                            Dew Point
VAR(IndoorTemperature)             Indoor Temperature
VAR(IndoorHumdiity)                   Indoor Humidity
VAR(WindSpeedPeakValue)          Wind Speed Peak Value
VAR(WindSpeedPeakDir)              Wind Speed Peak Direction
VAR(OneMinWindSpeedAvg)         1 Minute Wind Speed Average

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